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Yorkshire Stone

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Yorkshire Stone

Beautiful Kitchens

Yorkshire Stone

Elegant Marble

Yorkshire Stone


Welcome to Yorkshire Stone

Kitchen countertops"Finding the time and keeping it simple", sound all to familiar? Just getting started on home improvement projects can be a challenge in itself. Whether you're contemplating a kitchen countertops, bath remodel, upgrade or even beautifying your fireplace, Yorkshire Stone has the shopping solution for you. Come visit our beautiful showroom or please feel free to use our "Shop from Home" service on our contact us page! It's fast, convenient, and easy to use, from your home or your office. Just sit back and relax.


Servicing Long Island, New York, your marblegranite or quartz will be installed by one of our teams of skilled professionals, not sub contractors for hire. Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal. From start to finish, our Customer Care Team will be available to guide you through the process and answer any of your questions. Our customers are always #1!


Call us today at (631) 873-4290 for a free no obligation in house estimate, e-mail us  or fill out the customer contact form and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours! 

Thank You for choosing us!


Our Products

Stone Description

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Granite is a common and widely occurring type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock. Granite usually has a medium- to coarse-g...

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Marble is a hard, crystalline rock often used to create luxurious floors, pillars or countertops. When choosing a kitchen c...

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  From the salesperson to the final install, I could not ask for more.  


  Stone and installation, perfect, I will recommend your company highly.

Recent Projects

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Element Hotel

Element Hotel

A finished bathroom at the Element Hotel. Quality work done by Yorkshire Stone Inc

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Equinox Gym

Equinox Gym

A finished wall at the Equinox Gym in Woodbury,NY. The Equinox Gym trusts Yorkshire Stone for all their bathroom remodeling...

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